Rigorous Testing In-Sprint

Quality with Every Release

  • Generate test automation and data from flowcharts
  • Detect bugs earlier to fix them faster and for less
  • Collaborate to build the right system first time round


Reduction in Test Scripting Time

Test Modeller generates custom scripts for your automation frameworks.


Faster Test Case

Test Modeller creates perfect test suites and data from visual flowcharts.


Quicker Test Maintenance

Test Modeller auto-updates test cases, scripts and data as complex systems change.

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Quality Software, Delivered Faster

Product owners, testers and developers collaborate from easy-to-use flowcharts, delivering fully tested systems in short sprints.

1 - Model

Accurately capture fast-changing requirements in visual flowcharts.

2 - Generate

Create the perfect test suite with data and automation, executing them in your CI/CD pipelines.

3 - Maintain

Quickly update easy-to-use flowcharts to maintain tests, delivering fully tested software earlier and at less cost.

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Automate More,
Faster And Accurately.

Eradicate time spent on unnecessary scripting, auto-generating scripts and data from quick-to-build models. Avoid maintenance bottlenecks, regenerating scripts in one click for in-sprint testing.

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Communicate, Collaborate, Automate.

Collaborate from one vision, with BAs, testers and developers working from shared models. Maintaining living documentation of changing systems minimises frustrating rework. Bugs are caught earlier, ensuring release quality and reducing defect remediation time and cost.

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Delay-free Test Data,
True Quality at Speed.

Parallelise testing and development, with on tap data and no constraints or delays. Find and create the data your tests need as they run, eradicating test data bottlenecks.

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Minimise Maintenance,
Test In-Sprint.

Import new requirements and system changes to flowchart models, regenerating test cases, scripts and data in one click, for rigorous regression testing in-sprint.

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The Perfect Test Suite,
Built For You.

Auto-generate the rigorous test suites from visual models, replacing slow and manual test design. Export test suites to test management tools, without inputting test steps one-by-one.

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